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Digital Agency Consulting:
Areas Of Expertise

  • Agency Qualification


    Efficient selection criteria to answer your needs
  • Performance Measurement


    Accurate planning and tracking of KPIs
  • Agency Management


    Leading the process to generate results
  • Agency Contract Procurement

    Agency Contract

    Defines services, prices and payments

Digital Agency Consulting Track Record

digital agency consulting
  • Founded a mid-size global digital agency. Grew it organically to over 250 team members within 12 years. Sold it to a global IT company.  
  • Consulted & created team structures and workflows to execute work for start ups to Fortune 500 companies to drive digital growth.
  • Created sales tactics to increase incoming leads and closures while streamlining production to decrease overhead spend.

Consulting Tips:
How To Build A Successful Digital Strategy

SMART Strategy

Set Smart Goals

Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound, your SMART goals are the map and compass of your digital strategy.

Define the specific outcomes of your digital strategy. Ensure they are relevant and achievable with disposable resources. Determine the key metrics that will act as a barometer of success, keeping you motivated and on track. Finally, set realistic timeframes for your project.

an action plan importance

Create An Action Plan

The action plan will help you distribute your efforts and resources to reach your SMART goals.

Determine the who, what, when, where and how for every element of your strategy. Identify the project leaders within your team, including their specific roles and responsibilities. Identify the specific weaknesses a digital agency could resolve, or the opportunities they could help you capitalize on.

hiring experts can move you forward

Hire An Expert

Businesses are outsourcing their non-essential roles for a reason: To focus on the revenue-generating tasks and leave the rest to the experts.

Hiring a web development or digital marketing agency, for example, helps you acquire high-end expertise in a flexible, scalable and cost-effective manner.

However, to make the most of your outsourcing venture, you need to hire the right partners, just like you would your in-house resources.

time management

Manage Your Time

Weigh the elements and resources that play into your strategy and allocate time accordingly.

Focus on the big picture. Avoid distractions.

To be able to achieve this, each piece of your strategy, from your people and partners to your systems, should function autonomously and efficiently. If they don’t, find ways to enable them or rethink their roles.

Agency Tips:
How to manage the agency relationship

1. Communication & Transparency

Consider these the foundations of your relationship with a digital agency. Define your communication channels, processes, and roles to optimize the information flow and reaction time. Incorporate project management tools and processes to ensure transparency over your progress and performance.

2. Strategic & Cultural Alignment

Strategic alignment refers to the shared understanding of your SMART goals and the means to achieve them. It means that you and your partner are moving in the same direction. The cultural alignment refers to the shared understanding of your corporate values and approach to management. It enables you to work as one team.

3. Managing Expectations

It goes both ways: Trust the experts you hire to set and manage your expectations throughout the process. Manage their expectations of your input, be it in terms of resources or decision making, in a timely manner.

4. Set Contract Terms

Outline your roles, responsibilities, and deliverables to solidify your agreement. Protect your user and corporate data with a crisis management plan. Ensure that your partner complies with all the applicable data protection laws.

5. Agree On Payment Terms & Methods

From the service and equipment cost to the payment terms and methods, clarify your responsibilities to your partner upfront to avoid misunderstandings down the line. Cover all the contingencies that may affect your financial responsibilities.

5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Digital Agency

1. What Are Your Comments On Our Digital Goals?

Embrace criticism over praise. Your partner should offer constructive, well-argumented critique of your strategy, displaying confidence in their ability to help you reach your SMART goals. Look for an agency that relies on their experience, relevant data and research to make informed suggestions.

2. What Is Your Organizational Structure?

Many agencies are moving towards the geographically dispersed teams model. In this case, you want to ensure that their representatives are easily accessible and that they have solid management structures in place to ensure smooth collaboration between your teams.

3. How Do You Approach Project Planning?

The best digital agencies understand that their digital solutions will enable your business process(es). This is why domain knowledge building will be an important part of their project planning process, whereby they will aim to develop deep insights into your industry, business environment including competition and market.

4. How Do You Approach Client Communication And Project Management?

The best digital agencies will have clearly defined and streamlined communication and project management processes in place. They will have a selection of digital tools to recommend to facilitate these processes. Some of the most popular tools are:
- great for smaller teams
- Teamwork: useful for large teams
- Jira: if you are a tech company chances are you are already using Jira
- Trello: excellent interface and overview

5. How Do You Define A Successfully Delivered Project?

“Reaching your goals” sounds like an obvious choice, but it could prove shortsighted depending on the type of your project. For instance, your agency may deliver a beautifully designed, search engine optimized website with an utterly dysfunctional backend - something you never thought to address in your objectives.

You are hiring an agency to supplement the lack of in-house expertise and/or resources. Look for one that will act as an extension of your team, rather than a mere service provider.

Featured Digital Agency Consulting Media Appearances

Over 100 appearances in mainstream media discussing the latest digital trends & providing business growth tips.

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