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Enterprise Consulting Areas Of Expertise

  • Digital Transformation & Integration

    Digital Transformation &

    Software selection, implementation and integration
  • Expert Network Building

    Expert Network Building

    Management of internal teams and contracted resources
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

    Enterprise Resource

    Maximum return on technology investments
  • Relationship Management


    Stakeholder negotiation and influencing skills

Enterprise Consulting Track Record

enterprise consulting
  • Founded a mid-size global digital agency. Grew it organically to over 250 team members within 12 years. Sold it to a global IT company.  
  • Consulted & created team structures and workflows to execute work for start ups to Fortune 500 companies to drive digital growth.
  • Created sales tactics to increase incoming leads and closures while streamlining production to decrease overhead spend.

Consultant Tips on Achieving Enterprise-Level Digital Transformation

system analysis

System Analysis

Identify the bottlenecks and weaknesses in your manual and digital processes.

Work on process optimization before implementing technology to automate and/or facilitate it.

It is important to plan all aspects of enterprise information systems and processes. This includes continually redefining objectives according to the changing market and business needs.

digital solutions


Research technology solutions designed to answer your requirement. This can accelerate business performance significantly.

Compare functionalities, cost and payoff and, if available, run tests with a focus group.

Choosing the right solutions will increase your efficiency, as well as improve your customer experience.


The technology you implement will function within an established digital system, so ensure that the solutions you choose are easy to integrate.

This should be a part of your core digital transformation strategy.

Integration should be planned and purposeful, used to facilitate collaboration and workflow, and optimized to achieve your business goals.


Create an implementation plan to introduce new technology to your team.

Whether you are a small company or a multi-national enterprise, your goal and path to it are unique, so careful planning and a methodical approach are crucial in this process.

Your management has to be fully on board from day one. To promote the new digital culture among your teams, run training sessions and internal audits.

5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Enterprise Consultant

1. How do you approach digital transformation projects?

Your enterprise consultant’s method should be rooted in a deep understanding of your business, processes, bottlenecks and digital transformation objectives.

2. How to keep the project on time and on budget?

Your consultant should base their estimates on detailed case analysis and project planning. However, keep in mind that digital transformation is a collaborative project, so ensuring a timely delivery and remaining within budget will be a collaborative effort as well.

3. How long will it take to adopt new digital processes?

An experienced enterprise consultant knows that the key to digital transformation is not technology, but the people using it. Strategic introduction through training and continuous assessment is, therefore, just as important as selecting the right tools for process improvement.

Depending on the scope of your digital transformation, the development could take anywhere from one month to six months in general, while team onboarding could take one week to two months.

4. Which methodology do you use for a digital transformation project?

Most experienced enterprise consultants adopt a methodology that covers all stages of digital transformation, from value definition through launch and scaling.

5. What types of organizations have you worked with?

The consultant's previous experiences will inevitably inform their approach to your project. Focus on their past clients’ industries, project sizes, challenges and results.

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