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Startup Consulting Areas Of Expertise

  • Business Plans & Strategies

    Business Plans &

    Set model and processes to meet growth and financial objectives
  • Project Management


    Initiate, plan, execute and control every step toward success
  • Financial Modeling & Forecasting

    Financial Modeling &

    Determine the expectations to meet future results
  • Company Management


    Manage your resources to maximize efficiency

Business Consulting Track Record

startup consultant
  • Founded a mid-size global digital agency. Grew it organically to over 250 team members within 12 years. Sold it to a global IT company.  
  • Consulted & created team structures and workflows to execute work for start ups to Fortune 500 companies to drive digital growth.
  • Created sales tactics to increase incoming leads and closures while streamlining production to decrease overhead spend.

3 Strategy Pillars Of A Successful Start-Up Business

Strategic approach


From product development to go-to-market strategy, set goals for every aspect of your new business and map the road to it.

Ensure your goals are measurable, realistic and time-bound.

Then, carefully define your processes and follow them with discipline. These will reinforce your quality standards, as well as help you scale your business efficiently.

company culture

People & Culture

Start with a team of all-stars.

Your initial, core team will set the standards for your productivity and the foundation of your company culture.

Recruit growth-minded people who take ownership of their work and are passionate about building something new - be it a product, a process or an entire organization.

brand building


Invest in marketing, specifically branding.

This goes beyond developing witty campaigns to attract attention. What startups need more than anything else is to define their identity around their unique value proposition and to roll out their campaigns at the right time, to the right audience and with sufficient funding.

5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Startup Consultant

1. Could you share a few of your success stories in startup consulting?

Your consultant should have a proven track record in helping startups and scaleups grow. To assess their expertise, focus on their challenges, solutions and results.

2. Could you share some of your business failures?

Every experienced entrepreneur has a fail story of more. Failure is the best teacher of all. It gives us important insight into the complexities of starting, growing and sustaining a business.

3. Have you worked with startups or businesses in our industry?

Industry experience may be advantageous. Your consultant’s understanding of your offering, market and business environment could save you some trial-and-error by bringing deeper insights and better-informed solutions.

4. What are the key areas of our business you would focus on?

Answers to questions like these should always acknowledge that each business is unique. However, based on their previous experience, your startup consultant may offer some interesting insights.

5. How would you prioritize our budget? What should we invest in?

While some experts will attach a formula to startup spending, in reality, there is no recipe to allocating specific percentages of the budget to areas like product development, human resources and marketing. Your consultant should base their strategies on your unique business needs, goals and resources, instead.

Featured Business Consulting Media Appearances

Over 100 appearances in mainstream media discussing the latest digital trends & providing business growth tips.

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